Book Barnett is finally here

From Craig Barnett | Eight years after starting and running a boutique Cloud and consulting company I have listened to my customers, honed in on my expertise and after much hard work, BookBarnett is now up and running!

Many organisations today are looking for guidance with their technical strategy, assistance with vendor selection, pre-sales activities or simply needing innovative ideas to launch their IT organisations back into the competitive market.

I speak with many business Directors who tell me that they no longer want to bring in contractors for any fixed time periods and what they REALLY want is to have an expert who is available daily, just when they need them. This might be to meet for a strategy session and give feedback, review vendor proposals, kick off key projects or assist in the recruitment of staff.

BookBarnett is finally here and allows businesses access to expertise without fixed term contracts or overheads. Using a convenient calendar booking system you can start booking today to secure assistance with your upcoming strategy or project planning sessions. Book now for 2016 at